Services & Rates

60 min. Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes: $118

90 min. Deep Tissue Massage

90 minutes: $160

60 min. Sports Massage

60 minutes: $140

90 min. Sports Massage

90 minutes: $185

The Whole Body Approach

A whole body approach to health and well being begins with what goes into our bodies, how it goes in, and how our bodies use those resources to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis can be defined as the state of balance that the body maintains from the proper functioning of each of its internal systems. When an external stimulus initiates activity of those internal systems, the body responds accordingly to maintain that state of balance.

PRANA Healthworks centers its approach to maintaining homeostasis around three core principles; focused breathing, balanced diet, and efficient use of movement (mobility). Focused breathing is the foundation of a healthy body because we need a continuous supply of oxygen rich blood to ensure proper functioning of nearly every system of the body. A balanced diet supplies all the vital nutrients that fuel our body. Just like your car, we run best on premium. Efficient use of movement implies that the first two principles are already in place. Without sufficient oxygen and “premium fuel”, we are robbing our muscles of the ability to perform at their maximum. This leaves the door open to muscle fatigue, stress, spasm, and injury. The body is never truly in a static position but rather it transitions between states of gross changes in movement and fine changes in movement. Most often the fine movements are related to posture; those muscle contractions which keep us erect while standing or sitting for example. These static postures require very little energy yet they can be very taxing on specific muscles such as the neck and shoulders when maintained for extended periods. In order to alleviate this condition, gross movements must be initiated in the form of stretching or counter movement. When we apply demands for gross changes in movement to the body, our entire system gets put into overdrive. Respiration increases, blood flow accelerates to transport more oxygen, and our muscles require more fuel in order to meet the demand. This can be in the form of a job related movement such as walking, running, sweeping, shoveling, lifting, etc. Once again, depending on how repetitive the movement is, our muscles get taxed to the point of fatigue, spasm, and sometimes injury. Over burdening the body then is directly related to our state of readiness to meet those challenges we demand of it.

PRANA Healthworks is ready to help you meet those demands head on. By combining elements of both eastern and western medical science, you will learn what it means to move through life with grace and ease; in total balance. Don’t be a victim of your own body make the conscious choice to become the steward of your own health. No one else can do it for you.