Education & Teaching Experience

Massage Training:

Graduate of NMTI (National Massage Therapy Institute) 
Falls Church, VA – 600 hour program

Continuing Education Resume

Anatomy TrainsFascial integration 
Body Reading – Postural alignment 

The Benjamin Institute – Webinar series “Beyond Good Posture” w/ Tom Myers

          The Shoulder

          The Knee & Foot

          The Pelvis & Hip

          Spinal Health

          Respiratory Enhancement

          The Neck & Cranium

Techniques at the Office – Whitney Lowe

Auth Method of Forearm Massage - Shari Auth

Anatomy Trains – Webinar series “Tensegrity in the Body” w/ Tom Myers

          Tensegrity: Resilience in the Human Body

          Biotensegrity: Tensegrity in the Body Explained

          Microtensegrity: Tensegrity & Bodywork at the Cellular Level

          Resilience: Human Structure Considered as a Tensegrity

Anatomy Trains – Webinar series “Fascial Release Technique” w/ Tom Myers

          Fascial Release Technique

          Opening the Breath & Shoulders

          Balancing the Feet and Legs

          Freeing the Hips

          Shoulder Stability

          Integrating the Spine

Anatomy Trains – Webinar series “Body Reading” w/ Tom Myers

          Body Reading as a Skill

          Superficial Front Line & Superficial Back Line

          Lateral Line & Deep Front Line

          Spiral Line and the Arms 

          Assessing the Spine

Meditation & Mindfulness for Massage Therapists – Ethics Class

Sports Massage Techniques - Dr. James Malley

Chronic Neck Pain - Dr. Ben Benjamin

KinesioTaping - RockTape

MyoSkeletal Techniques - Lower Body - Erik Dalton

MyoSkeletal Techniques - Upper Body - Erik Dalton

Anatomy Trains / Fan Muscles of the Hip - Eli Thompson

Yoga Training:

ISHTA Yoga - Teacher Training Program
200 hour certification
Instructors -- Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger, Sarah Platt-Finger, Susan Mondi, & Peter Ferko

Teaching Experience:

Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage – Falls Church, VA
Massage Therapy Instructor - Anatomy & Physiology, Hands on Bodywork 
Fall 2008